June 5, 2023

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Overcoming Inadequate Communication Structures in Organizations

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Meaning of communication structures? A communication structure is an instructional approach that provides a simulated dialogue between an author of instructional materials and the students. It can also be called an interactive technique for communicating understanding.

A communication structure is the pattern of interaction that exists in every social system. In families, mothers tend to interact with children more than fathers do, especially when the children are young, but this pattern may shift as the children get older.


We can simply say that there are some hurdles that bring about inadequate communication structures & how it can be perfectly overcome:

1. EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION SKILLS: receiver is least likely to get the meaning of the message if the sender is not able to select the right words. Usage of the wrong and difficult words might send the wrong impression in the eyes of the customers.
2. LACK OF SUFFICIENT KNOWLEDGE: If we start communicating about something without knowledge of the subject, the barriers of communication are bound to occur. In fact, there are many sale people who cannot explain many completed words or ideas in a simple way.
3. OVERLOADED KNOWLEDGE: Conveying too much information is a great setback to communication why as firstly people might not be ready to grasp too much information. Secondly the information might be coming too fast that interpreting it becomes difficult.
4. EMOTIONAL TURBULENCE: Your emotional aggression in any form be it anger, hostility, fear, resentment etc. can be misconstrued and misinterpreted You will not be able to convey your thoughts well as you feel severely engrossed in emotional turmoil.
5. NOISY DISTRACTIONS/ SLOPPY STYLE: If you are communicating something in a noisy environment, it can distraught your communicative thoughts. Trouble in your mobile lines or a noise in surroundings like in restaurant can create barriers of communication.
6. WHEN COMMUNICATION CHAIN IS LONG: longer the communication chain means more chances in barriers of communication. If a message is sent through many receivers, it could get distorted, distilled and altered. A final receiver might not be able to get the complete message
7. NO FEEDBACK: in fact even a lack of feedback can deter effective communication. In your organization your supervisor is delivering instructions in long and complex sentences without giving you a chance to speak, you might pretend to listen, but the same won’t give you result as you are not able to understand instructions.
8. IMPOLITE LANGUAGE: Communication means conveying your message to the people concerned. In whatever way it is delivered either through spoken, written or electronic communication distorted is not communication at all. This entails theoretical assumptions and knowledge to ensure effective communication process is followed.
9. INAPPROPRIATE MODE OF COMMUNICATION: Inappropriate way of communication simply means your message is not being delivered how much you try. For instance, if the detailed instruction is given on telephone it would be a sheer wastage for both the deliverer and a receiver.Sending a message through a wrong way creates trouble for the listener as it would be frustrating as well time-consuming.

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